Demo #1

A sample blog publication

December 28, 2018 in Jumpsuit Collection

Let's say you add added touchAPI code to your blog as part of your user experience optimization, now proceed to hover over the photo below. You will see a floating icon; this means that touchAPI code is active on the page. Now, go ahead and click on this icon to see what happens;


With our plugin, all photos on your blog post automatically becomes a mean for further engagement and conversion. The interesting part is this engagement is organic and will increase the time spent on your site by over 10X.

  • Choose the behaviour of plugin for your specific audience
  • Display your own items for sale
  • Deep integration to advertising network is available (optional)
  • See documentation for more.

Well, I don't know about you or anyone else, but this will really look cool on your blog; hehehe, coming from the guy who's trying to sell something to you.

ChuQ Dennis in Touch Current

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Demo #2

A sample product

In this use case, when added to a big e-commerce site or small online retail storefront, it will use the product image to get smart recommendation of completementary products. The recommendations will be purely data-driven and based on recent shopper or visitors' behavioral analysis.

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